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  1. You don’t just have to visit the Jerte Valley when the cherries are in bloom. It’s beautiful all year. If you start at the Interpretation Center on the highway between Jerte and Cabezuela del Valle, you can also visit the Garganta de los Infiernos. The La Virgin and Los Pilones fountains, the Monument to Memory, the mountains, cherry trees, and the Jerte7k彩票平台代理 reservoir are all perfect …

  2. Navaconcejo, Cabezuela del Valle and Jerte. About 10 kilometres further up the valley, you will start to see some of the little mountain hamlets typical of this area. Cabezuela del Valle is a lovely place to take a stroll. Jerte is also the starting point for a trip to the Garganta de los Infiernos (Hell's Gorge) Nature Reserve.

  3. Jan 16, 2015 · Today, I want to talk to you about the Valley of the Jerte (Extremadura).. The Valley of the Jerte In this Valley, you can find surely the best “picota cherry”, in Spain7k彩票平台代理, and, probably, in all the world.. Picotas cherry I want to show you a video, where you can see how they pick picotas cherry.If you want to watch the video, please click on the link below:

  4. Jul 27, 2016 · The Jerte Valley, located at the most northern part of the Extremaduran province of Cáceres, is one of Spain’s landscape treasures, especially in spring when one and a half million cherry trees bloom. This valley is about 70 kilometres long and is covered in white when the flowers that give the best cherries of the world come out.

  5. Apr 30, 2012 · The river Jerte is born at 900 meters in the Tornavacas heights, and overlooks the panoramic valley of the same name. The Jerte Valley is a natural region located in the northeast of Cáceres Province, and consists of 11 villages: Barrado, Cabezuela del Valle, Cabrero, Casas del Castañar, Jerte, Navaconcejo, Piornal, Rebollar Tornavacas, El Torno and Valdastillas.

  6. Apr 09, 2019 · Jerte Valley, Spain. For something completely different—gorgeous mountains blanketed in white cherry blossoms—head to Spain's Jerte Valley7k彩票平台代理 for the Cherry Trees in Blossom Festival. Mountain bike or hike your way through the bloom, or …

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  8. Come spring, Spain's Jerte Valley, about three hours from Madrid, turns white with the flowers of 2 million cherry trees. The trees, which cover the mountainsides, typically bloom in mid-March, with the blossoms lasting about 10 days. The best way to see them is to stroll the trails that meander among the many villages of Jerte Valley.

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  10. La Vera is a comarca (county, but with no administrative role) in Extremadura, western Spain. The largest town is Jaraíz de la Vera. Located at the feet of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range, in the Tiétar river valley, the comarca is economically based on agriculture.

  11. jerte valley, spain — We are the Everetts. Perhaps the part of our long weekend road trip from Madrid into Extremadura that I was looking forward to the most was our drive through the Jerte Valley7k彩票平台代理. We left Salamanca on Sunday morning and drove a little over an hour until we reached the Puerto de Tornavacas, which has a good view over the ...

  12. Mar 10, 2020 · Without a doubt the most famous and popular place to see cherry blossoms in Spain is in the Valle del Jerte, a valley full of over 1.5 million cherry trees in Cáceres in the province of Extremadura in western Spain7k彩票平台代理. When the trees are in full bloom, it creates a wonderful effect like a white sheet covering the whole green area.

  13. Jan 16, 2020 · Jerte Valley, Spain. Each spring, over two million white blossom cherry trees cover the region of Jerte Valley, Spain7k彩票平台代理. The blossoming of the cherry blossom trees is a …

  14. Cherry blossoms in the Jerte Valley, Spain. Cherry Tress in Blossom in Jerte Valley. View of a curvy road between different types of trees with different autumnal colors at sunset near Jerte, Extremadura, Spain at sunset. Cherry blossom at Jerte Valley, Cerezos en flor Valle del Jerte. Cherry blossom flowers are in bloom.

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