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    January 6, 2020

    'Have fun storming the castle'

    Our headline quote comes from 'The Princess Bride' film, of course, but our homepage castle is found in Lithuania, the largest of the three Baltic states (the others are Latvia and Estonia). Construction on this fortress was begun in the 14th century by the Grand Duke of Lithuania and completed years later by his son. It served as a strategic and bustling center of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a European state that lasted until 1795. Like much architecture from so long ago, the castle was damaged and fell into disrepair, only to be reconstructed and reopened as a museum. These days it's known as one of the most charming medieval castles in Europe.

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    7k彩票平台代理Trakai Island Castle (Lithuanian: Trak? salos pilis) is an island castle located in Trakai, Lithuania, on an island in Lake Galv?. The construction of the stone castle was begun in the 14th century by K?stutis, and around 1409 major works were completed by his son Vytautas the Great, who died in this castle in 1430. Trakai was one of the main centers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the castle held great strategic importance. Soviet Communists restored the castle and established the Trakai History Museum there.

    First phase
    Trakai Island Castle was built in several phases. During the first phase, in the second half of the 14th century, the castle was constructed on the largest of three lake islands by the order of Grand Duke K?stutis. The construction of Trakai Island Castle was related to the expansion and str…

    First phase
    Trakai Island Castle was built in several phases. During the first phase, in the second half of the 14th century, the castle was constructed on the largest of three lake islands by the order of Grand Duke K?stutis. The construction of Trakai Island Castle was related to the expansion and strengthening of the Trakai Peninsula Castle. K?stutis moved his main residence and his treasury to the Island Castle.

    The castle suffered major devastation during an attack by the Teutonic Knights in 1377. After the assassination of K?stutis, a power struggle between Jogaila and Vytautas the Great for the title of Grand Duke of Lithuania began. The castle was besieged by both sides. Soon after the reconciliation between Jogaila and Vytautas, the second phase of construction started and continued until 1409. This phase is regarded as the major development in the history of the castle. Apparently, during the truce with the Teutonic Order, the construction works were supervised by the Order's stonemason Radike, four years before the Battle of Grunwald.

    Second phase
    During the second phase, two wings were added, and on the southern side a 6-storey (35-metre or 115-foot high) donjonwas built. The donjon had movable gates which separated the palace from the castle. The donjon was used for several functions; besides serving as another defensive structure, it had a chapel and living quarters. It was linked to the multi-storey Ducal Palace, which had an inner yard. The inner yard had wooden galleries, which ran around the inner wall; these galleries were used to access va…

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    Trakai Island Castle Museum can be crowded, so we recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with TripAdvisor, you can cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your tour for a full refund. See all 37 Trakai Island Castle Museum tickets and tours on TripAdvisor

    • 4.5/5
    • Location: Kestucio Str. 4, Trakai, 21104

    After the corner towers and the western casemates of the outer ward were rebuilt, the Island Castle that is a symbol of Lithuania and Trakai assumed the look it had in the 15th century. After the restoration of Independence of Lithuania, Trakai Island Castle again welcomes honoured guests; important state treaties were signed there.


    Trakai is well known for its unique lakes and the medieval castle complex that was revived from its ruins in the last century. Senieji Trakai and Naujieji Trakai Peninsula and Island7k彩票平台代理 Castles are the main features of the region, and today they reflect not only the material, architectural, but also the spiritual heritage of …


    Trakai Island Castle Facts. Trakai Island Castle is one of the must visit places in Lithuania. The only Eastern European castle that has been built on an island it is located in Trakai, on the shores of Lake Galve. It was one of the main centres of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the castle


    Located in Trakai, this beachfront hotel is in the historical district and within 12 mi (20 km) of St. Mary Church, Trakai History Museum, and Trakai Peninsula Castle. Trakai Island Castle7k彩票平台代理 and Uzutrakis Manor Estate are also within 16 mi (25 km).


    Trakai Island Castle is located in Trakai, Lithuania, on Galve lake. The historical Gothic Palace was built by Lithuanian dukes in XIV century and served as their residence, since the city was a capital at the time. It is the only island castle in Eastern Europe. Actually, the whole landscape of Trakai dictates its architecture: many lakes are found in the historical center.


    Trakai Castle is situated in Trakai, about 20 km from Lithuania's capital city Vilnius, so it makes for an excellent day trip.The Trakai Castle Museum is situated in two castles - one on an island7k彩票平台代理 in the middle of a lake, and one on the shore.


    Enjoy this live view showing a fairy-tale building called Trakai Island Castle (Trak? salos pilis) that can be found in Trakai, a Lithuanian city and lake resort located west of Vilnius, the country’s capital.Nowadays, this incredible 14th century fortress, which was built on an island in Lake Galv?, houses the Trakai


    There are 200 lakes in the region, of which the deepest (46.7 m) is Galv? with its 21 islands. Galv? covers an area of 3.88 km , Vilkok?nis lake – 3.37 km , the lake of Skaistis – 2.96 km . There are Trakai Historical National Park and Auk?tadvaris Regional Park founded in the territory of the region.
    7k彩票平台代理Trakai Historical National Park was founded on 23 April 1991 to preserve Trakai as a centre of Lithuanian statehood as well as the park's authentic nature. The territory of the park covers 82 km , 34 km of which …

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