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    Trakai Island Castle (Lithuanian: Trak? salos pilis) is an island castle located in Trakai, Lithuania, on an island in Lake Galv?. The construction of the stone castle was begun in the 14th century by K?stutis, and around 1409 major works were completed by his son Vytautas the Great, who died in this castle in 1430. Trakai was one of the main centers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the castle held great strategic importance. Soviet Communists restored the castle and established the Trakai History Museum there.

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    2020-01-17 · Trakai Island Castle Museum can be crowded, so we recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with TripAdvisor, you can cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your tour for a full refund. See all 37 Trakai Island Castle Museum tickets and tours on TripAdvisor

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    • Location: Kestucio Str. 4, Trakai, 21104

    After the corner towers and the western casemates of the outer ward were rebuilt, the Island Castle that is a symbol of Lithuania and Trakai assumed the look it had in the 15th century. After the restoration of Independence of Lithuania, Trakai Island Castle7k彩票平台代理 again welcomes honoured guests; important state treaties were signed there.


    Trakai is well known for its unique lakes and the medieval castle complex that was revived from its ruins in the last century. Senieji Trakai and Naujieji Trakai Peninsula and Island Castles are the main features of the region, and today they reflect not only the material, architectural, but also the spiritual heritage of …

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    Trakai Island Castle Museum

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    Kestucio Str. 4, Trakai 21104


    Trakai Island Castle Facts. Trakai Island Castle is one of the must visit places in Lithuania. The only Eastern European castle that has been built on an island it is located in Trakai


    Trakai Island Castle is located in Trakai, Lithuania, on Galve lake. The historical Gothic Palace was built by Lithuanian dukes in XIV century and served as their residence, since the city was a capital at the time. It is the only island castle in Eastern Europe. Actually, the whole landscape of Trakai dictates its architecture: many lakes are found in the historical center.


    Trakai Castle is situated in Trakai, about 20 km from Lithuania's capital city Vilnius, so it makes for an excellent day trip.The Trakai Castle Museum is situated in two castles - one on an island7k彩票平台代理 in the middle of a lake, and one on the shore.


    Trakai Island Castle . Castle at the Evening . Night in Trakai ... 2020 01.03 From September 1st new restriction for tourist shuttle buses in Trakai ; 2020 01.02 TOP 10 Family Attractions in Trakai7k彩票平台代理 ; All news . Check out our newsletter to find out about upcoming events ...


    Trakai History Museum Kestu?io Str. 4, LT-21104, Trakai. Museum administration +370 528 55297 Secretary +370 528 53945 Trakai Island Castle ticket office, guided tours +370 528 53946 Fax +370 5 285 5288 Exhibition of Liturgical Art +370 528 55 297 S. Shapshal Karaim Ethnographic Museum +370 528 55 286.


    There are 200 lakes in the region, of which the deepest (46.7 m) is Galv? with its 21 islands. Galv? covers an area of 3.88 km , Vilkok?nis lake – 3.37 km , the lake of Skaistis – 2.96 km . There are Trakai Historical National Park and Auk?tadvaris Regional Park founded in the territory of the region.
    Trakai Historical National Park was founded on 23 April 1991 to preserve Trakai as a centre of Lithuanian statehood as well as the park's authentic nature. The territory of the park covers 82 km , 34 km of which …

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